The Lovable DT Camp

"In design thinking, wrong is right"
Because sometimes, something wrong will lead us to something right.

Opening Ceremony of DT Camp

Before we go further, I’d like to say sorry for all of the grammatical error that will disturb your beautiful eyes while reading this short story. Then, Happy reading and enjoy!

One fine day, when I was in the Social Action Internship program or as known as KKN, my friend @setyawanrakha told me that there’s a kind of Student Summit named DT Camp. It’s a design thinking program which held by International Relation Office of University of Muhammadiyah Malang in collaboration with number of countries in Asia, such as China, Thailand, Myanmar and also Turkey.

Firstly, I’m not sure if I can join this great program. I worried about manythings. But almost everyday Rakha pushed me to try until I decided to apply and did an interview.

Few days later, I open my instagram account and read an announcement. There are 20 names without my name on that digital poster. "Yahhh, nggak lolos Khaaaa", I said to Raka when he came to girl's basecamp for having his lunch. "It’s okay! Maybe next time, Cha! It's Okay, it's okay. There are a lot of event that you can join later", He tried to entertain me.

But suddenly, my phone rang. one of the coordinator called me. She said if I can join the program. OMG! How happy I was. I shouted, srcream and do many crazy things when I heard that. I told Raka and we shouted and laugh together. Crazy friend! Haha.


The day has come. For the first time I met all of UMM students who're joining DT Camp program. We introduced ourselves each other and trying so hard to remember all of their names in a day.

After having a brief with the coordinators, we started to have our breakfast while we introduced ourselves to foreigners who will be our partner at this Summer Camp. We have a cit chat and trying to be "asique", but we failed.

The agenda began with campus tour. We, I mean UMM Students introduced each part of our beloved campus to the foreigners. They asked many things and I just realized that I don't know well about my own campus. Sorry about it. Haha.

The next agenda, we had such an explanation about design thinking and how we need to do for several days later. I learned soooo much and it's really priceless. Now I understand if all of our idea are brilliant. Nothing's bad in design thinking. If our idea is not great, it means our idea is good. That's all! Actually, that statement made me more confident to stand between those great students. 

Discussion Section

If you ask me what I got, I got many priceless things!
I learned their language directly from the native, their culture, how to greeting, what's the good and bad vocabulary from each countries. They taught me everything that I never learned before. How we did a great team work, how we discussed, shared our ideas to be a useful thing for solving other's problem.

The most important was, we didn't need to think right but we learned to emphaty. Tried to feel what other feel. Not thinking about what's the greatest thing we can made, but thinking about what they need. Something ordinary but useful is much better than something awesome but useless.

I couldn't believe, how can I join this kind of program? A program that I literally didn't understand. When the coordinator said that we will learn about organic farming, I just open my little eyes and said in the deepest of my heart "What? What's that?". I tried to enjoy but to be honest, it was bored when we had to listen the professor who's explained about organic farming! But after we went to the real farm, we done all of the prototypes and also the presentation, I just realized how useful those kind of things. And we did it!

Fun Games!

I don't know why, I already fell in love from the first day we spent a hole day together. We played the games, ate together. We shared manythings through happy and sad story, food and also love.

One day, we went to Galery of Topeng Malangan. It is such a nice trip. We went there by Angkot, a public transportation from Indonesia. In there, we learned how to paint a traditional mask which is a property for dance. They also taught us to dance, and it's very difficult to understand. Please give applause first for all of the traditional dancer who did their wonderful job to save Indonesian culture. This program really showed how beauty Indonesia is. How we proud with all of the various culture we had. 


I love all of the people there. But the memorable was, when I get bored, Spring, my chinese friend did a crazy thing, like dancing, face me with a funny expression, paint a watch on my hand with a marker then we shouted together "Yeay, now we already have a twin watch!", and those kind of little things really entertain me.
Spring and I.

It was a really awesome 8 days to spent the time together with them.

Wearing our own Traditional Costume - Closing Ceremony

The last, I just want to say thanks for all of the committee who has given me chance to join this camp and meet all of the greatest participants from another country.

This program contained so much loves that I never expected before.

Last but not least, I'd like to say thank you so much for making a sweet memories with us. I'm gonna miss you all of my dear friends. It's not a farewell, it's just a goodbye for a while Just pray for me and I'll travel to your country very soon!


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